In addition to the material on the submissions page of this website, below are some useful links to resources and materials. If you have any further suggestions for materials that could be uploaded onto this page please contact us. We will also be adding to this page throughout the coming months.

  • WWDA Policy Paper on Assessing the Situation of Women with Disabilities in Australia
    This 2011 policy paper prepared by Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) addresses a CEDAW outcome by urging the Australian Government to adopt a human rights framework in assessing the situation of women and girls with disabilities in Australia.


  • Canadian Human Rights Commission – Framework for Documenting Equality Rights
    This 2010 document was prepared by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and aims to be a tool for developing a consolidated portrait of equality in Canada through the use of indicators.

  • OCHR Report on Indicators for Promoting and Monitoring the Implementation of Human Rights
    This June 2008 report was prepared by the Office of the Untied Nations High Commission in response to a request from the inter-committee meeting of treaty bodies to undertake validation of the approach on the use of statistical information in State parties' reports.

  • EHRC / SHRC Specialist Consultation on the Human Rights Measurement Framework
    The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) are holding a specialist consultation to select a set of indicators and measures to populate the Human Rights Measurement Framework (HRMF). This website contains a number of useful background documents and other resources.

  • Indicators for Human Rights Based Approaches to Development in UNDP Programming: A Users' Guide
    A March 2006 users guide to on indicators for human rights based approaches to development programmes for United Nations Developmet Programme Country Offices.