About HumanRightsActionPlan.org.au

As part of Australia’s Human Rights Framework, the Australian Government is developing a new National Human Rights Action Plan. This presents an opportunity to systematically consider Australia’s strengths and address our shortcomings in human rights laws and practice.

The Human Rights Law Centre has created this website to provide NGOs with information about the National Action Plan process, and generate ideas for submissions to the Government's formal consultation process.

Let's ensure the Government translates its assessment of human rights needs in Australia into specific goals and practical actions that will ensure high-level commitment to improving human rights across governments.

A new action plan has potential to strengthen and demonstrate an on-going commitment to Australia’s international human rights obligations. 

The United Nations has outlined more specific purposes that can be achieved by an action plan. These include:

  • providing guidance to government officials, NGOs, professional groups, educators and other members of civil society regarding the tasks that need to be accomplished to ensure that human rights are effectively observed
  • promoting the ratification of international human rights treaties
  • promoting wider awareness of the state of human rights observance, and
  • developing programs directed towards alleviating the human rights situations of vulnerable groups in society.

As well as providing a public commitment of Australia’s intended actions, a thorough action plan may also encourage other countries to improve promotion and protection of human rights.

This site features a collection of resources and information relating to seventeen focus areas, links to various resources, an ongoing series of guest blogs and a platform to promote related news, events and calls to action.