About HumanRightsActionPlan.org.au

As part of Australia's Human Rights Framework, the Australian Government is developing a new National Human Rights Action Plan. This presents an opportunity to systematically consider Australia's strengths and address our shortcomings in human rights laws and practice. The Human Rights Law Centre has created this website to provide NGOs with information about the National Action Plan process, and generate ideas for submissions to the Government's formal consultation process.

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Guest Blogs

  • Lee Carnie
    August 2011
    With the release of the draft Baseline Study, I was hoping the federal government would finally recognise the unequal enjoyment of human rights in Australia. I was wrong.
  • Leanne Miller
    July 2011
    Generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women continue to raise serious concerns and voice their ongoing disappointment with ministers and governments’ lack of commitment to engage directly with them at a local level – the present government included. The same message needs to be echoed – the standard engagement model of one size fits all, does not work.


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