About HumanRightsActionPlan.org.au

As part of Australia's Human Rights Framework, the Australian Government is developing a new National Human Rights Action Plan. This presents an opportunity to systematically consider Australia's strengths and address our shortcomings in human rights laws and practice. The Human Rights Law Centre has created this website to provide NGOs with information about the National Action Plan process, and generate ideas for submissions to the Government's formal consultation process.

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Guest Blogs

  • Melanie Allard and Edwina MacDonald
    November 2011
    Women account for more than half the population in Australia and, unfortunately, the human rights of these women are breached every day, primarily through gender discrimination and inequality. To address these human rights breaches, it is essential that the Action Plan and Baseline Study are comprehensive and examine the most urgent human rights issues in Australia through a gender based perspective.
  • Liz Snell
    October 2011
    When was the last time you needed to call an essential service such as utilities like water, gas or electricity to get connected, report a fault, clarify a bill or because you were in financial hardship? How about a call to organise a baby bonus or some other payment from Centrelink or to notify Centrelink of a change in circumstance?


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